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Ethics LINE

The data provided is confidential and is kept on external servers outside the company

Ethics Line

Welcome to our Ethics Line – a channel that lets you inform, completely confidentially and independently, any irregularity related to the fields of accounting, auditing or non-fulfilment of the Code of Conduct and the Crime Prevention Model of the Duro Felguera Group.

This channel, run by the Audit and Compliance Manager of Duro Felguera under the supervision of the Audit Commission, guarantees the safety and confidentiality of notifications, independence and impartiality in the investigation of any incident reported, and the lack of reprisals of any kind for incidents reported in good faith; the person reporting should have reasonable evidence to back the report up.

Duro Felguera Group thereby reinforces its commitment to business ethics and transparency in all fields of action, encouraging everyone in its groups of interest to take part in a corporate culture based on integrity.

You can check the applicable regulations in relation to the Group's Ethics Line at the following link

Code of Conduct

Duro Felguera has a Code of Conduct, approved by the Board of Directors in 2009 and updated in 2022, based on the main international directives and principles concerning transparency and good governance.

The purpose of this Code is to establish the patterns which should preside over the ethical behaviour of all Duro Felguera´s employees and administrators  in their activities and functions; how they interact with clients, shareholders, suppliers and external collaborators; and in their relations with public and private institutions and with society in general.

Crime Prevention Model and Antibribery Policy

Duro Felguera Group has a Crime Prevention Model and a Anticorruption Policy which is applicable to all the companies making up the group; Among others, its purpose is to promote an ethical business culture.

By implementing this model, Duro Felguera has moved forwards in the organization and management of the supervision, surveillance and control measures required to avoid the committal of crimes, in accordance with its business activity within the scope of the company, in compliance with Law.

Likewise, by complying with the protocols and other measures set forth in its Crime Prevention Model, Duro Felguera makes a significant contribution to reducing the risk of crimes being committed and of potential irregular conduct which could imply the non-fulfilment of its Code of Conduct.

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