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Do I have to identify myself?

The Duro Felguera Group´s Ethics Line admits the anonymous presentation of incidents and enquiries, althougth it is advisable for the person reporting to be identified in order to guarantee the accuracy and integrity of the information, and because managing the report migth require further information in the investigation process from the person reporting the incident. Nevertheless, Duro Felguera guarantees absolute confidentiality in the handling of personal data provided throughout the process.

What kind of incidents should I report?

The incidents that should be reported on the Ethics Line involve attitudes and behaviours which breach the principles contained in the Code of Conduct which governs the business activity of the Duro Felguera Group, and in particular, any action which could be construed as criminal and financial or accounting irregularity which could affect the principle of the transparency of information.

What guarantees do I have if I report an incident?

Duro Felguera guarantees absolute confidentiality when managing incidents and throughout the investigation process. Likewise, the Duro Felguera Group guarantees that no measures will be taken against the person reporting an incident in good faith.

How does it work?

Incidents should be reported on the Ethics Line using the form for this purpose at the following link. 

This form has all the necessary fields, which are compulsory, in order to be able to correctly manage the incident.

Why should I report an incident?

Employees of the Duro Felguera Group and related third parties should accept and comply with the principles, values and good practices which govern the Duro Felguera Group. This why they should report any possible risk or incident which implies the non-fulfilment of the Duro Felguera Code of Conduct and any conduct or negligence which is or could become a criminal offence for the Duro Felguera Group.

The goal is to reinforce crime prevention at Duro Felguera and identify and reduce any possible negative impact which this may cause to Duro Felguera´s groups of interest, thus aligning the company with the best responsible business conduct of our times.

What process will my report follow?

Once an incident or notification is received, the investigator assigned will check to see that it complies with the conditions to be accepted. If the report is accepted, an investigation file will be opened and cautionary measures taken (if appropiate).

When the investigation process is complete a report will be drawn up with the conclusions about the incident, and the competent executive body will be informed thereof so it can adopt the corresponding measures. Likewise, the person reporting the incident will be informed of the result of the investigation. The maximum period for analysing an incident is three (3) months.

Will the people involved in the incident be informed that the incident has been reported against them?

The people involved will be told that an incident has been reported against them within a maximum period of three (3) months from the notification thereof. They will not be informed in any case of the identity of the person reporting the incident.

What consequences could there be if it seems that the incident reported is false?

Duro Felguera assumes the good faith of people reporting and incident. If it is shown, however, that the person reporting an incident has done so deliberately in awareness that the report is false, the appropriate measures may be applied.

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